Sunday, September 16, 2012

Help Needed

Crowded and dirty conditions at the confiscation.

Sunday, 9/16/12, at 3 PM,  27 rabbits (babies, adolescents and  adults) were  discovered living in very poor conditions and confiscated from a backyard breeder in Watsonville. The Animal Control officers who rescued the rabbits brought them to the safety of the Santa Cruz shelter, where they are being housed in the Sally Port. Not ideal conditions, however,  so much better than where they were.  Deepest thanks to Todd of the Santa Cruz Animal control for his good work! Rabbit Haven is working with the Santa Cruz Animal Control officers to assist in the care for these rabbits. We need everything from litter boxes and litter to hay, pellets and dishes. We need people to help clean, exercise and care for these rabbits now while they await fostering or adoption. It would particularly help to move the babies out into foster ASAP. There are 10-12 babies, gold and white and adorable; still filled with joy in spite of their miserable beginning.

Life in the Sally Port, clean towels, shiny walls and LOTS of hay.
Rabbit Haven will begin to work immediately to secure supplies, shelter rabbit care support and spay neuter services, as well as adoption. All rabbits are available for fostering and adoption now.

The rabbits need care right away 
Call Heather ASAP to schedule a time 
if you can help with care. (831) 600-7479
We will be setting up a spay neuter transport soon as well. 
There are many way you can help.

An Agouti Cutie looking for a better life.

Donate so we can buy supplies and foster set ups 
also spay and neuter.