Sunday, June 24, 2012

How To Help

The Rabbit Haven is simply overflowing with babies from the shelter. These days babies and mothers are the first ones on the euthanasia list.

Not everyone can foster a baby bunny, but it's easy to help the babies through a one time or monthly sponsorship.Your sponsorship can provide a baby bunny with the following:

$20.00 buys KMR baby formula and feeding supply syringes for one month
$30.00 buys alfalfa hay and pellets too for one month
$50.00 buys all of above and helps with some minor medical needs
$100 pays for one spay or neuter surgery (including medications) or for vet exams as they are needed. 

Sponsors receive a photo each week of their sponsored baby, adult or the litter. Later on you may also sponsor the spay and neuter as you wish . Boys are neutered at 3.5 months girls at 6 Months. Just let us know who you want to sponsor. Or if it is a litter, that's ok too, we like to share. Use our Paypal account to contribute, or donate by check
You can see the babies available for sponsoring by clicking HERE

Monday, June 18, 2012

At The Shelter

I am sad
My heart is broken and I feel empty
I have been dumped on the street
my family did not want me anymore.
Now I sit in a stainless cage with paper under my feet
alongside all the other abandoned animals.
can barely focus on them
All the other rabbits here have their own sad tales
I am too depressed to  even pretend that I am listening
A nice volunteer came today and took my picture - so here I am
She picked me up and I liked that but now here I am
alone in this cage at the shelter
I need a really good  reason to keep going
I need love- right away
Otherwise I give up

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just Two Days Left

Can you help please?   
I have only 2 days left at the shelter.                                                              
I want to live I need rescue ASAP
 My name is Geneva.  I am lonely and missing some of my fur due to my former housing situation.I am very thin as we did not have much food.  I want the chance to heal and get well.  I am younger - not yet spayed - Heather said we can do that later. OKI am at a shelter right now.  I am receiving food, fresh water and I have a small but clean room here. I even have a litter box. But given my low weight and body condition I still have only two days left to be here. 
I need your help if you can ok?  I need a place to recover and to grow my fur back.  I need some time.  If you have a space somewhere will you please call Heather at 832 600-7479 or email  so she can get me out and transported right to you.  My friend and shelter advocate,  Kyomi  is sending more photos of me
                            so you can see more of me soon OK?

                            Love, Geneva

Friday, June 15, 2012

Help A Bunny

This Bunny is on the Euthanasia List

Hello,  can you please rescue me  ASAP  Please - I am miserable..  Healing but still, I need a super clean space.  I think I am very handsome.  Once my ears are all healed I will be a ok
 Hi, I am a bunny on the small side and I am on  the euthanasia list at the San Jose Shelter .  I came in with gross mites eating my ears!!!!
 I am on the list due to the needs I have for treatment for mites.   
Happily, the shelter staff took mercy on me and I have been given pain meds and revolution!  Oh I feel better and alot of the gunk has fallen out Yippee.  But the clock for my time here is ticking.  My deadline in only one day away! 
Will you help  me please - I can get a human to bring me to you.  Just let Auntie Heather know what it takes -She will make it happen. Meds, transport. Medical care /
Rabbit Haven  had to take out 13 just last week and  then,  my friend Bridgette who they  took out had another litter!  
I am happy for her but now there is absolutely no space for me. 
 Please let me know if you can rescue  me -
I do not have email so contact  Heather OK?  Right away please.
 Nothing else wrong  me and I am friendly -   these mites will be a thing of the past soon.  Please save  me.
Will you please help me  ?
 Cal  Heather  at 831 600-7479    

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Bunny Alert

These little Dutchies are just three days old

Bridget, one the moms in our foster system surprised us with new babies three days ago. These little cuties are doing well, they have grown nice coats and are well fed. Their eyes are still closed but they are holding they heads up in preparation for conquering the world.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BunnyFest Redux

We are stunned by the amount and quality of the photos from PawPawrazzi Pet Photography and were faint from delight upon watching this super Smilebox that Anne made for us

Her work captures some special moments and brings out the uniqueness of each rabbit. This warren gives her four paws up!! Settle for a treat and dive into the Smilebox.
6-8-2012: Kyomi, shelter advocate for San Jose for Rabbit Haven how been working non stop to hold back the flood of rabbits at San Jose. She  finally made it home after a VERY long day  around 8 PM.  The highest risk babies are out-  5 remaining from different litters are older  and next in line for rescue -
Haven took out one group earlier this week  finding rescue with other area rescues and the VERY next day another box of rabbits,  plus adults bunnies were dumped at San Jose Again. Back went Kyomi -Today we rescued a Dutch mom, her litter of 6,  and five additional Babies.  Thank you to Saveabunny for taking three of the orphaned Dutch bunnies.
Sadly we had to leave several babies and adults behind as we ran out of space-and  room in rescue,  but we are posting and talking with all our rescue friends to seek help for them. Huge note of thanks to Kyomi.  Looks like tomorrow transports will continue to place rabbits in rescue or foster care.
Thanks you to all our supporters and to Kyomi for advocacy work at Jose shelter.
Ray will be posting soon with the most adorable photos of the recent rescues - Three are going to Marcy tomorrow since the freeways were impossible to manage today.  Our transport sat in traffic for three hours.
Love, Auntie Heather

A baby Rex, doesn't he have the cutest nose ever?

Dutch mom and Hotot babies, the babies are not her's,
but as far as she is concerned they are her's .....

Some of the rescued babies......

Monday, June 4, 2012

Happiness Achieved

News Flash:
The Rabbits View editor just received this important message from a human. Sorry the photo is so small it get all pixelated if it's any bigger.

From left to right: this is Leo and Bartlett. We adopted Bartlett from the Rabbit Haven a little over 2 years ago (along with his brother Skeeter, who recently passed away & is now in Bunny Heaven). Because Bartlett was very lonely and needed a playmate, we adopted Leo (formerly Leon) from the Rabbit Haven about a month ago. Although not completely bonded yet, both are doing well and Bartlett is certainly much livelier and happy having his new little brother in the house! They are both absolutely adorable, loving companions full of personality! Yeah for bunnies!!:-)