Sunday, June 24, 2012

How To Help

The Rabbit Haven is simply overflowing with babies from the shelter. These days babies and mothers are the first ones on the euthanasia list.

Not everyone can foster a baby bunny, but it's easy to help the babies through a one time or monthly sponsorship.Your sponsorship can provide a baby bunny with the following:

$20.00 buys KMR baby formula and feeding supply syringes for one month
$30.00 buys alfalfa hay and pellets too for one month
$50.00 buys all of above and helps with some minor medical needs
$100 pays for one spay or neuter surgery (including medications) or for vet exams as they are needed. 

Sponsors receive a photo each week of their sponsored baby, adult or the litter. Later on you may also sponsor the spay and neuter as you wish . Boys are neutered at 3.5 months girls at 6 Months. Just let us know who you want to sponsor. Or if it is a litter, that's ok too, we like to share. Use our Paypal account to contribute, or donate by check
You can see the babies available for sponsoring by clicking HERE

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