Friday, June 15, 2012

Help A Bunny

This Bunny is on the Euthanasia List

Hello,  can you please rescue me  ASAP  Please - I am miserable..  Healing but still, I need a super clean space.  I think I am very handsome.  Once my ears are all healed I will be a ok
 Hi, I am a bunny on the small side and I am on  the euthanasia list at the San Jose Shelter .  I came in with gross mites eating my ears!!!!
 I am on the list due to the needs I have for treatment for mites.   
Happily, the shelter staff took mercy on me and I have been given pain meds and revolution!  Oh I feel better and alot of the gunk has fallen out Yippee.  But the clock for my time here is ticking.  My deadline in only one day away! 
Will you help  me please - I can get a human to bring me to you.  Just let Auntie Heather know what it takes -She will make it happen. Meds, transport. Medical care /
Rabbit Haven  had to take out 13 just last week and  then,  my friend Bridgette who they  took out had another litter!  
I am happy for her but now there is absolutely no space for me. 
 Please let me know if you can rescue  me -
I do not have email so contact  Heather OK?  Right away please.
 Nothing else wrong  me and I am friendly -   these mites will be a thing of the past soon.  Please save  me.
Will you please help me  ?
 Cal  Heather  at 831 600-7479    

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