Thursday, February 23, 2012

Did you hear about the human place to eat called Wente!!!!

Wente REMOVED rabbit from their menu after people sent complaint letters when they added us to the menu!  We are so happy about that we are no longer on the menu!  
We heard that a thank you note might help make this a permanent change!!!   (? it is temporary??) Ok bunnies,  get your humans to read this ok, and run get them a pen n stuff. Thump to get their attention.
Here is the info from one  human who already received a response to her thank you  letter. She suggests, "If you would take a minute to write a letter (and mail it, yes, old school) and thank: Daniel Carroll, VP Food/Beverage Mgr., Wente Vinyards, 5050 Arroyo Rd, Livermore Valley, CA 94550 that would make this victory sweeter - I'm sending a thank card today!" WE say FLOOD them with thank you notes.
We rabbits think this is a VERY good idea.   Shudder!!!! We do not want to be on a  menu.    And Yes we know what that is.
Please help us - All you need is a paper (we will not eat your paper this once).  And then,  you need an envelope and a stamp and you say thank you to those people, oh then mail the letter!   We are so glad they changed their minds.  Sounds like a good thing to do to us.
Love,  The Haven Rabbits!

All About Bernadette

Hello, my name is Bernadette and I'm an Angora rabbit. I am all about me and my fur. I write in my diary a lot, every night in fact. My foster mom thinks that I'm just chewing on my cardboard tunnel, it's sure easy to pull the wool over her eyes. I think of myself like a heroine in a Jane Austen novel since I have elevated myself out a  really dreadful situation with my wits and good looks. I was once a neglected, lonely, matted rabbit but cleverly, through the manipulation of human pawns I made my way to The Rabbit Haven. I'll be holding court at the adoption show in Santa Cruz at Pet Pals this Saturday February 25th. Only dedicated groomers need apply to be my human companion. I have other talents other than being able to grow fur that can be spun into yarn and knitted into fabulous creations; I am a very vocal bunny and can make all kinds of sounds to let people know what I am thinking. And I am opinionated and sensitive but love a good snuggle, after all I am my own pillow.  I hope someday to have my own TV show, that way more people can see the wonderfulness that is me. You may be thinking I'm delusional but I have already had a big break into show biz, the folks at Disapproving Rabbits saw my photo and just had to post it on their blog!

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