Thursday, May 31, 2012


The Santa Cruz shelters are full, euthanizing starts next week. 
These five rabbits are at the top of the Death List.




All these rabbits are spayed or neutered, they are socialized sweet beings. Three have been in the shelter for more than a year. If you can adopt or foster one (or more) of these lovely bunnies please contact Heather at the Rabbit Haven ASAP. Euthanizing starts on Tuesday June 5th, we must know by Monday the 4th at the very latest. Contact information for Heather and the Haven can be found HERE.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bunny Fest and a Reminder

Thanks to everyone and everybun who attended the Bunny Fest on the 20th at Nordahl Hall in Los Gatos. A good time was had by one and all, attendance surpassed that of last year, and we are already planning for an even better fest next year, if such thing is possible it shall be done. 

Everybun put their best foot forward in the Bunny Park.
Lots of girls with their companion rabbits,
 really excellent.

And boys too! so cool!

The Haven family will miss Darrel (above) and Karen
(who is a human, not the rabbit in the picture),
who are moving north, they have been corner stones for  us,
we'd worry about them except they'll have their rabbits
to take care of them.

Taking a break from the fun, workshops on NIC cube housing, tricks, and presentations on massage and health, not to mention all those noisy humans "socializing" and talking about bunnies, requires a little lay down to recoop and look extra cute.
 You may have noticed, indeed how could you not, the wonderful photos taken at Bunny Fest. There are more and we understand that a slide show will be forthcoming! Photos were taken by the fab PawPawrazzi and you can visit her webbysite HERE.

REMINDER: The Rabbit Haven Adoption and Education Show is at For Other Living Things this Saturday, June 2nd. Humans from the Haven will there doing nail trims, scent gland cleaning, home health checks, and disseminating very important information about rabbit care. Yeah, just because we want a whole carrot AND can eat one doesn't mean we should have one, hurmph...And there are lots of wonderous rabbits looking for forever homes.  FOLT is located at 1261 South Mary Ave., Sunnyvale CA.

submitted by Bun Zen Center Staff

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hapi Go Lucky

Hapi Go Lucky the meat bred bun who was too sweet to eat
Being raised on a meat farm didn't dampened this rabbit's spirits one bit. He loved people and ran to greet the breeder. He sat still for petting and begged for treats. Although our house bunnies exhibit these charming behaviors on a regular basis, the breeder never had. She could not bare the thought of eating Hapi so she brought him to the Rabbit Haven to find a forever home. Hapi will be holding court at the up coming adoption show on May 26th at Pet Pals, 3660 Soquel Dr.. You can see other adoptable rabbits at the Rabbit Haven website .

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Bunny Overfloweth

Our dear Lisette was recently rescued with her litter of ten from a local shelter to save her life. Surprise!!! She just had a second litter! So now the first 6 week old litter needs a place to go. A few will go to HRS, the rest need help. We need foster, rescue and support help right away. Eight need to move to other foster site very soon as they have now been separated from the mother. Lisette cannot care for two litters at once.

Here is the group of ten that need help now! The babies all have spay/neuter certificates for 4 paws in Fremont. We need them to move on so Lisette can care for the next litter she has created! You can watch a video of them at two weeks old on our YouTube channel.

Lisette's second litter of nine babies was born during the first week of May. They are still with their mom, but they will need foster support, spay/neuter and adoption soon also.
If you can help with foster space or adoption for any of Listette's babies, please contact Heather at or (831)600-7479. If you would like to make a donation to help Lisette and her babies, you can make a donation in her name using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. Check back here for updates on Lisette and her babies.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Full Moon Brings Bunny Love

Beautiful Mei Lei found the love of her life in Leo, now Franklin, an affectionate,  fun, lion head bunnyboy.  They spent the afternoon of Saturday together with loving guidance from the family and Raymond who did their matchmaking and bonding. The rest will be history.  Our most precious Mei Lei Selah has found her forever family. 
Franklin (left) and Mei Lei Selah

You may recall that Mei Lei Selah had been rescued some time ago from the cruel Aptos breeder who had cut off her ears.   She came directly to Auntie Heather and in a few days surprised us with a darling litter of adorable babies.  She was the best mother,  so attentive and sweet. Even during her early motherhood she needed surgery which was performed by Dr Sarah Hawklyn of Aptos Creekside.  She required surgery on her ears and  her mouth, both the results of injuries  sustained during her life with the breeder.  After her litter was weaned we went ahead with the final surgery needed for her mouth and in a few months there were no longer any signs at all that she was injured.  Well, except that she had no ears.  She is still the most beautiful bunny! Franklin thought so too and Mei Lei has now gone off to her forever happiness.  Thank you to everyone who helped to contribute to her surgical fund!  Three surgeries!!!!  We think she is most definitely worth it.  Look at her now. 
Submitted by Auntie Heather