Monday, May 28, 2012

Bunny Fest and a Reminder

Thanks to everyone and everybun who attended the Bunny Fest on the 20th at Nordahl Hall in Los Gatos. A good time was had by one and all, attendance surpassed that of last year, and we are already planning for an even better fest next year, if such thing is possible it shall be done. 

Everybun put their best foot forward in the Bunny Park.
Lots of girls with their companion rabbits,
 really excellent.

And boys too! so cool!

The Haven family will miss Darrel (above) and Karen
(who is a human, not the rabbit in the picture),
who are moving north, they have been corner stones for  us,
we'd worry about them except they'll have their rabbits
to take care of them.

Taking a break from the fun, workshops on NIC cube housing, tricks, and presentations on massage and health, not to mention all those noisy humans "socializing" and talking about bunnies, requires a little lay down to recoop and look extra cute.
 You may have noticed, indeed how could you not, the wonderful photos taken at Bunny Fest. There are more and we understand that a slide show will be forthcoming! Photos were taken by the fab PawPawrazzi and you can visit her webbysite HERE.

REMINDER: The Rabbit Haven Adoption and Education Show is at For Other Living Things this Saturday, June 2nd. Humans from the Haven will there doing nail trims, scent gland cleaning, home health checks, and disseminating very important information about rabbit care. Yeah, just because we want a whole carrot AND can eat one doesn't mean we should have one, hurmph...And there are lots of wonderous rabbits looking for forever homes.  FOLT is located at 1261 South Mary Ave., Sunnyvale CA.

submitted by Bun Zen Center Staff

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