Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

The morning of Halloween,  Mr. Photo  view sat quietly,  resting after a long weekend of work.  He was just sitting in the Haven van, minding his own business,  when all of a sudden a stranger came and grabbed him!   It was a thief!!!  It was so scary...  please read on for the full story 
Hi- It is  Mr. Photo  view !  I have had the most frightful day!  
This morning I was taken.  I had no idea what was going on...I thought,  Is it a adoption show  on Saturday already???   
I was so confused.  Who was this strange person taking me somewhere anyway?  But I  could not figure all this out   and down the road I went ....
Finally, after what seemed  like forever,  I was put down (thump) and then  my case was opened up- This was definitely strange - I was outside!!!! I can see when my case is open you know. 
 This was no adoption show!  I did not recognize anything - I guessed this is what they meant by  scary Halloween. Oh my.... 
I did not know what to do.  I just wanted to go home.
After being jostled all about and all messed up,  the people went away!  So there I sat  right on the ground  with some other items until I was spotted by a young boy on his way to school.    
Seeing a bunch of items that did not belong behind  his  family car, he called  for his dad.  He found me!   Hurray.  
The dad (Hugh)  came outside and carefully picked me up, he gathered all the other items too ...  and then   happily Auntie's business card was inside  so he called her .   Then  he came over to tell her what they had found and helped her put the van back together. He is a  very nice person.  I like him especially since he brought me home.
 I was never so happy to see my Auntie.  She was  thrilled to see me too and held me close to her.  She checked me for damage and made sure I was ok and whew, I am all together and just fine.   She told me I will never be taken again.  She will make sure of that!  She even talked to the police.   
So we decided that I now have a place inside of a locked house,  unless I am at a show.  Then, after the adoption show,  just as soon as the bunnies come in, I come in too.  I like that.  I  will be safe forever more.
 Well, I am finally calmed down and back to resting now - I have a big show Saturday  in Sunnyvale you know.  I need to let everyone see videos and all the bunnies that have been adopted- I even have a new card!  I have a big job to do. 
 Hey Darrel and Karen,  my new  video card is still with me!  yippee
 But what a scary Halloween.    Now,  I will  safely  rest up and be just perfect for the FOLT show this Saturday. That is my job you know.   I help people feel happier and let them see how joyful bunnies are too.   
I am so happy to be home. 
Ok gotta go. 
 Mr. Photoview    

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Important News

Rabbit Haven is currently CLOSED to new admissions until we can set up new foster sites.
The Rabbit Haven has been inundated with  large numbers of rabbits  the past few months,  especially those from our shelter systems.  The  intake of such a large number of rescues, limited foster space,  coupled with lowered adoptions at shows,  and heavy rabbit dumping in our communities  has resulted in overflows in most of our foster sites.  We have been setting up new foster sites and need even more to  reopen to carry out our services and maintain quality care.  We need to open at least 10  more foster sites before we can  open our doors once again.  This is a heartbreaking decision to have to make and I am hopeful that a few of you will step forward to help Rabbit Haven create much needed space.
   Will  you help the  little  rabbits by opening your home and heart to even one bunny?    Please help make the holidays happy days for the bunnies too.    Just think, your foster bunny can have their special Thanksgiving with you.  They will surely be thankful to you for your kindness, and share in your family activity of warmth and love.
 Sadly, The Rabbit Haven is unable to  accept new rescues from private parties, wait list returns or even rabbits requiring rescue from shelters  at this time as we literally have no more space.   I am asking each one of you to consider fostering to help the rabbits who need our help.
 Or,  if you are fostering,  you can help  by extending your foster time frame a bit longer to give us time to find a place to house the foster rabbit.  This continuance will help us make it through to continue to save rabbit lives, provide good quality of care and adoption services.  
If you want to foster with the  Rabbit Haven,  please call right away.  831 600-7479   We have both Marchiaro  housing units and X pens for foster families and full set up packs. We have all the supply you will need and will provide support. We have  babies, Dutch bunnies, lops,  Rex, all types, colors and  sizes.  Please help today.
It hurts to need to close our services to shelter rabbits,   especially now when they need us the most.  We are entering November and mid November is another heavy dumping season.    In addition, we are the only rabbit  rescue serving  the  Santa Cruz shelter system and  the  San Jose shelter!   We have already had to decline services to the shelter and also had to decline helping other non profits rabbit rescue groups  that  we  can  usually assist. 
 These are  very difficult times for the rabbits.  Please help us to help them. Please Call 831 600-7479 or Email to let me know when you can start. 
Mid week set up available.  Training avail mid week or at adoptions shows.   Let me know if you can help.    
Auntie Heather

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lula's Babies are Loverly

What's that I hear?

It must be the sound of my cuteness

Hop to beat of your own drum, wait this is a rattle.....

I have my eye on you!

You made a good point, but on the other ear I must say......

Excuse me, but who is the cutest bunny here?

I am, I am the cutest

No, I am the cutest, or is it I am Spartacus?
Where did my script go?
I do like your ears, not sure why, but they remind me of somebun

Harken, I hear the sound of the greens bag. Time for noms.
This way to the Casbah.

That big dude with the red nose, ok, not a proper baby bunny.
Me, I am a proper baby bunny.