Friday, December 28, 2012

Bun In Need

Sweet Douglas
Injured bunny from shelter makes His new years wish
“Please save my life”

The Rabbit Haven and SaveABunny have come together to save precious Douglas who is scheduled to be euthanized 12-31.  He needs our immediate help!  He needs rescue, neuter and major dental work, then he needs a loving home. Look at him.  He is so lovely. Please help.
Join the match program to help him reach his goal.  
Match funds avail now are 250.00$!!!

Douglas is a small gold and white bunny who was abandoned at a shelter just after Christmas. Sadly, this beautiful, loving boy who would rather have pets than food, has a malocclusion.  This put him on the euthanasia list at his shelter right away. He has extra long front incisors.  The good vet at the shelter trimmed him teeth but they will grow out soon.  Dental extraction is his best option.  We already found a great price!!!!

We want to help him.  Not only to rescue him, we plan to have his dental surgery and then he will be available for adoption.  Our special vets have agreed to take care of the teeth and a neuter for only $600.00 (that is a very small price to save his life)!

Right now Little Douglas is just sitting at the shelter- We have asked for an extension but do not know if it will be granted. Kelly from the shelter will call me soon.

  • Foster:  Douglas will need an immediate foster site- (SAB has offered him a space).  But, we must secure the funding for his surgery.  
  • Money for surgery:  Look what we have now!!! We have a special generous offer of $250.00 match funds avail. This means that if you donate any amount up to $250.00 it will be matched dollar for dollar.  Then we will be well on our way to achieving our goal of 600.00.  We already have $100 towards the match.   Help Douglas –Send in your match right away.  Good timing anyway- Donations are deductible.
  • Adoption:  Please contact us if you can offer this loving boy a forever home.  He is an amazing boy.   After begin abandoned and undergoing two surgeries we want him to have such a special loving home. 

So for only $600.00 will save the life of Douglas. Do you want to help his New Year’s wish come true? He is the sweetest little boy.  Call Heather at 831 600-7479 11 Am to PM   

Douglas will be leaving the shelter just as soon as I can get him out.  We will cover transport, keep working to gather funds for his surgery and then will post along with SaveABunny so that he can find a loving home. 

Please help us to save this wonderful bunny in time for new years.
Want to transport?  Can if you can help. 


Auntie Heather

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bianca is asking for A Christmas miracle
(She has only until 12-24)

This Beautiful bunny named Bianca, a crème pretty brown eyed girl needs out of the San Jose shelter by 12-24 or she will be euthanized. 

It is heartbreaking to see this info on the shelter needs rescue list – Apparently the shelter is already starting to see the pre-holiday animal dumping. They now have 32 Rabbits!

Power was off yesterday at the Haven –flash flooding all day, so today I received the message giving us only hours to save her -

Bianca needs a miracle- Will it come from you?  Can you post everywhere -Call anyone you know- Help is needed immediately.  We can help with transport if you will save her life.

Bianca is a friendly beauty who is not yet spayed so I will send a spay certificate with her if you can rescue her.

It seems so unreasonable that this sweet friendly girl is on their list- Our staff did not see any issue with congestion no matting of forepaws or sneezing. 
Haven will help with Free spay certificate for her, Transport for her and carrier for her. 

Please help save her life.  Call me ASAP 831 600-7479
Auntie Heather- The Rabbit Haven and Haven Network