Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lula's Babies are Loverly

What's that I hear?

It must be the sound of my cuteness

Hop to beat of your own drum, wait this is a rattle.....

I have my eye on you!

You made a good point, but on the other ear I must say......

Excuse me, but who is the cutest bunny here?

I am, I am the cutest

No, I am the cutest, or is it I am Spartacus?
Where did my script go?
I do like your ears, not sure why, but they remind me of somebun

Harken, I hear the sound of the greens bag. Time for noms.
This way to the Casbah.

That big dude with the red nose, ok, not a proper baby bunny.
Me, I am a proper baby bunny.


  1. Absolutely precious! What adorable babes.

  2. OMG, they are so adorable. :-) I'm so glad they're all fine and I so keep my fingers crossed that they'll all find great homes where they're loved. Greetings from Germany!