Sunday, May 6, 2012

Full Moon Brings Bunny Love

Beautiful Mei Lei found the love of her life in Leo, now Franklin, an affectionate,  fun, lion head bunnyboy.  They spent the afternoon of Saturday together with loving guidance from the family and Raymond who did their matchmaking and bonding. The rest will be history.  Our most precious Mei Lei Selah has found her forever family. 
Franklin (left) and Mei Lei Selah

You may recall that Mei Lei Selah had been rescued some time ago from the cruel Aptos breeder who had cut off her ears.   She came directly to Auntie Heather and in a few days surprised us with a darling litter of adorable babies.  She was the best mother,  so attentive and sweet. Even during her early motherhood she needed surgery which was performed by Dr Sarah Hawklyn of Aptos Creekside.  She required surgery on her ears and  her mouth, both the results of injuries  sustained during her life with the breeder.  After her litter was weaned we went ahead with the final surgery needed for her mouth and in a few months there were no longer any signs at all that she was injured.  Well, except that she had no ears.  She is still the most beautiful bunny! Franklin thought so too and Mei Lei has now gone off to her forever happiness.  Thank you to everyone who helped to contribute to her surgical fund!  Three surgeries!!!!  We think she is most definitely worth it.  Look at her now. 
Submitted by Auntie Heather

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