Monday, June 18, 2012

At The Shelter

I am sad
My heart is broken and I feel empty
I have been dumped on the street
my family did not want me anymore.
Now I sit in a stainless cage with paper under my feet
alongside all the other abandoned animals.
can barely focus on them
All the other rabbits here have their own sad tales
I am too depressed to  even pretend that I am listening
A nice volunteer came today and took my picture - so here I am
She picked me up and I liked that but now here I am
alone in this cage at the shelter
I need a really good  reason to keep going
I need love- right away
Otherwise I give up


  1. How beautiful and sad is this poem. I pray for all the shelter animals.

  2. What a beautiful poem. It makes me really sad and I never can understand why people dump their precious pets on the streets and stop caring for them. It's so cruel in my understanding. I pray for all the animals in shelters to get a new home where they're loved and wanted. And I so pray that people would think before buying a pet and know their responsibilities.
    Thank you for that wonderful inspiring poem.