Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just Two Days Left

Can you help please?   
I have only 2 days left at the shelter.                                                              
I want to live I need rescue ASAP
 My name is Geneva.  I am lonely and missing some of my fur due to my former housing situation.I am very thin as we did not have much food.  I want the chance to heal and get well.  I am younger - not yet spayed - Heather said we can do that later. OKI am at a shelter right now.  I am receiving food, fresh water and I have a small but clean room here. I even have a litter box. But given my low weight and body condition I still have only two days left to be here. 
I need your help if you can ok?  I need a place to recover and to grow my fur back.  I need some time.  If you have a space somewhere will you please call Heather at 832 600-7479 or email  so she can get me out and transported right to you.  My friend and shelter advocate,  Kyomi  is sending more photos of me
                            so you can see more of me soon OK?

                            Love, Geneva


  1. I so wish I could help. I'm from Germany and my heart is reaching out for Geneva. I retweeted your site perhaps it helps. It makes me feel so helpless not being able to do more. I would have the space to help her and would give her lots of love and I have cared for special need rabbits before. Geneva, you're in my heart and prayers and I so hope you'll find someone to love you and take care of you.
    Renate from Germany

  2. Any news from Geneva? Thinking of her here in Germany. Please keep us updated.