Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6-8-2012: Kyomi, shelter advocate for San Jose for Rabbit Haven how been working non stop to hold back the flood of rabbits at San Jose. She  finally made it home after a VERY long day  around 8 PM.  The highest risk babies are out-  5 remaining from different litters are older  and next in line for rescue -
Haven took out one group earlier this week  finding rescue with other area rescues and the VERY next day another box of rabbits,  plus adults bunnies were dumped at San Jose Again. Back went Kyomi -Today we rescued a Dutch mom, her litter of 6,  and five additional Babies.  Thank you to Saveabunny for taking three of the orphaned Dutch bunnies.
Sadly we had to leave several babies and adults behind as we ran out of space-and  room in rescue,  but we are posting and talking with all our rescue friends to seek help for them. Huge note of thanks to Kyomi.  Looks like tomorrow transports will continue to place rabbits in rescue or foster care.
Thanks you to all our supporters and to Kyomi for advocacy work at Jose shelter.
Ray will be posting soon with the most adorable photos of the recent rescues - Three are going to Marcy tomorrow since the freeways were impossible to manage today.  Our transport sat in traffic for three hours.
Love, Auntie Heather

A baby Rex, doesn't he have the cutest nose ever?

Dutch mom and Hotot babies, the babies are not her's,
but as far as she is concerned they are her's .....

Some of the rescued babies......

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