Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet Stevie

Stevie is looking for a new home pretty soon. 
He was rescued from a shelter where he was abandoned.
We thought maybe he had a fractured pelvis, but no, he has splay leg.
He is so good and tries so hard to do things like the other rabbits.  
He loves humans and rabbits and everyone.  
We think he just needs a companion to help him with grooming and to give him love.   
He certainly has loads of love to give.
Stevie is special as you can see
He is sweet to the core. He uplifts you just to look into his sweet face.
He is adorable, just look at his picture.
I love this bunny -  he just need space to live, to be himself and to be loved -
He is neutered and gets around just fine and we are considering  a cart MAYBE.  
We are looking into that -
Anyone have  a sweet girl bunny who wants to love Stevie?
Here is what his doctor said about him: "He is healthy except for the leg thing.
His diagnosis is Splay Leg. This is a hereditary condition that results in deformed legs. I checked with an orthopedic surgeon - there isn't much that can be done to correct his limb deformity. He is a happy guy. I don't think he is painful or miserable at all, just needs extra care. Maybe he'd like a bunny friend that might want to  groom him?"
So what do you think ?
I need lots of ideas regarding care for an active splay leg boy too ...I am open and look forward to hearing from everyone about sweet Stevie.
Auntie Heather

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