Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dumping and Rescuing

Amelia is safe and loved for the rest of her life, other rabbits are not so lucky

On Tuesday 8-14, the San Jose shelter was already packed with 30 rabbits. The Rabbit Haven had arranged for three rescues that day, which were picked up,  it seemed as if we could manage and efforts were focused on the Santa Cruz rescue.  At 6 PM a major dumping occurred at the San Jose shelter.  It was so fortunate that we had two Haven advocates, Sarah and Kyomi, on duty!  The shelter was slammed with lots of dogs & cats and 11 new rabbits.  It was ridiculous to see the long line of people bring in their pets so late at night. Even when they were told the shelter was full, they still insisted on dumping animals there. Even when it was clear these animals would not have a space and most likely would be euthanized.  Our advocates called the Haven immediately and we all went to work to find rescue and make plans to fit the rest in. 
At the end of late evening, every new bunny got a cage, including the family of guinea pigs.  So no one had to go in a makeshift cage on the floor.  Some had to bunk in together to make it work.  Happily we were able to rescue three last night –one going to Milpitas, the others going to Santa Cruz –Then three out earlier in the day. Also, the guinea pig family is being taken out today by NorthStar rescue – Zoe from Andy’s pet Adoption center will be there at 12 noon.    
 Here's a quick recap of new rabbits & guinea pigs yesterday:
  7 Snowshoe (white w/gray tips) 1 in this group had serious leg injury
  1 Agouti:  young
  1 Hotot: young 
  1 Brown/tan: young
  1 Tan:  young
   11 total!!!  
The injured rabbit is in GREAT danger today – if rescue cannot be found -I will get photo ASAP.
Note:  this count is just the new rabbits-   the shelter was already full.

Guinea pigs 
6 adorable cavies.  Some smooth some with swirly tri colored fur.  All scared but so happy to get some food!  They were snuggled all together – 

I will update as soon as I have more info.
Blessing to Kyomi and Sarah and Lisa of the shelter.  They each worked so hard last night to help these rabbits and to work with me to make space to save their lives. Many thanks to NorthStar (esp. Cynthia and Zoe) for coming to the guinea pigs rescue today!

Call if you can foster anyone or help in any way 831 600-7479  
Can’t foster?  Send a donation -that will help too. 
(we have Paypal) 
Have an extra pen or Marchioro plastic cage 2 door- 43”?  
 Donate it so we can help these rabbits and those from Santa Cruz too.
We are running short on supplies
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  1. I'm always so sorry to hear that people at first get a pet and then wanna dump it immediately. But I'm on the other hand so happy that you were able to safe so many of them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed here in Germany for the injured rabbit. Please keep us updated.
    Lots of love, Renate