Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earful Photo Contest


How can you people hear anything with those teeny aural appendages?
 I am a Haven representative who gets to make a very special contest announcement.  
Yes,  OK,  it is because of my fabulous ears. (Don't worry,  I am not competing).

The Rabbit Haven creates a magazine for Bunny Fest and they are looking for PAWSOME digital rabbit photos of AMAZING rabbits like me! who are good at listening and who have amazing EARS. The photo will be used on the front cover of the Earful! 

The contest begins Wednesday!! 
Photographs of your bunny can be sent to director@therabbithaven.org
Please send large to actual size JPGs.

The WINNER will have their photo displayed on the front cover of the Earful publication with full bylines and credits, in print media, on blogs and web! 
The winner will also receive a Rabbit Haven 
gift bag filled with fun treats and toys for your rabbit.

The photo Contest will run until 4-30-12  Winners will be announced 5-1-12!  

Ok time to go take pictures.   
We are waiting.  
Daikon  is also judge for the contest and will personally sign the winner's letter! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet Stevie

Stevie is looking for a new home pretty soon. 
He was rescued from a shelter where he was abandoned.
We thought maybe he had a fractured pelvis, but no, he has splay leg.
He is so good and tries so hard to do things like the other rabbits.  
He loves humans and rabbits and everyone.  
We think he just needs a companion to help him with grooming and to give him love.   
He certainly has loads of love to give.
Stevie is special as you can see
He is sweet to the core. He uplifts you just to look into his sweet face.
He is adorable, just look at his picture.
I love this bunny -  he just need space to live, to be himself and to be loved -
He is neutered and gets around just fine and we are considering  a cart MAYBE.  
We are looking into that -
Anyone have  a sweet girl bunny who wants to love Stevie?
Here is what his doctor said about him: "He is healthy except for the leg thing.
His diagnosis is Splay Leg. This is a hereditary condition that results in deformed legs. I checked with an orthopedic surgeon - there isn't much that can be done to correct his limb deformity. He is a happy guy. I don't think he is painful or miserable at all, just needs extra care. Maybe he'd like a bunny friend that might want to  groom him?"
So what do you think ?
I need lots of ideas regarding care for an active splay leg boy too ...I am open and look forward to hearing from everyone about sweet Stevie.
Auntie Heather

Monday, April 2, 2012

Something Bunny This Way Comes

The Rabbit Haven's Bunnyfest Event is coming up soon, May 20 at Nordahl Hall in Campbell, Ca., from 11 AM to 4PM. Contact us to volunteer or to have a vendor's table. Vendor space is limited, so call ASAP to reserve your spot. Ad space is available in the Earful, the Bunny Fest magazine too this is a great resource for Rabbit boarding sites, and those who provide services for the rabbits well being.

Now is also time to reserve your space to attend Bunnyfest (admission & parking is free!) Evite will be up soon but until then you may email your registration directly to The Haven. We have planned great speakers, wonderful rabbit themed art, a beautiful array of rabbit themed gifts, luscious vegetarian food, a raffle, a variety of fun activities and demonstrations to enjoy. Also free nail trims and many special treats for your bunny. Join us with your healthy bunny for a wonderful day in May in celebration of all things rabbit! Come to the Rabbit Haven to learn, to enjoy and to shop. This is a fundraiser for the rabbits of The Haven.

We are seeking new artists and volunteers! Call or Email ASAP to get in on this fantastic venue.

(831) 600-7479

Special Rabbits: The Story of Zeke

I am a small, one-eyed rabbit named Zeke, and my friends at The Rabbit Haven saved my life.
I was living with a family who I thought would be my forever family –But then, when they went on vacation they didn’t want to pay for a pet-sitter, so they dumped me at a shelter!  That was such a shock! The shelter was a very scary place for me.  The dogs and cats were always crying, and my space was small and unfamiliar. There were nice volunteers there who played with me, but every evening they would leave, and I had to spend so much time alone.  After a few weeks, volunteers took me to a Rabbit Haven adoption show one Saturday morning. Wow, what an amazing place that was! Our pens were roomy and there were lots of bunnies and people there. The people knew all about bunnies! They trimmed my nails, brushed my fur, and held me.  I hoped one of these nice people would take me home with them, but the day flew by fast and I was back at the shelter again that night.  I was sad.

Two weeks later, there was another Rabbit Haven show, and I went there for a few hours.  A special family was there, a man and two girls.  They spent so much time with me!  They gave me great nose rubs, kisses on the head, and talked gently to me.  I liked them so much that I started kissing them.  I couldn’t help myself. I was so happy. Then an amazing thing happened.  After I left the show, I didn’t go back to the shelter. Instead, I went home with this new family!  The Rabbit Haven rescued me.  It turns out that the new family are fosters for The Rabbit Haven, and they took me into their home as a foster bunny.  I was so happy to move in with them, even if it is only for a short time.
My new foster family soon discovered that I had a respiratory infection. It made my nose run and I sneezed a lot. I had to take medicine for it, but, luckily, the meds tasted really good! The URI is gone now, and we’re hoping that it won’t come back. Then, my right eye started to hurt!  I wasn’t able to see so well out of that eye, and it was getting worse. It turns out that I had an abscess, which meant even more trips to various vets, who finally decided that I needed to have my eye removed. The surgery was scary, but now I don’t even notice that I only have one eye. I have adjusted just fine.

There is a bunny in my foster house named Deanna.  She also lost an eye to an infection, and she and my friends at The Rabbit Haven raised a lot of money to help pay for my vet bills.  Everyone has been so kind to me and so many people from all over have given money to help me recover. I am so thankful that the people from The Rabbit Haven were there for me when I needed them. I am a very special bunny. 

Written by Analisa and Ray Milkey 

Rabbit Poetry

Oh sweet, Takara.
 Treasure unlocked from her past
         Now life filled with Love

By Kyomi Okamoto