Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hi I am Alexander –will you help me?
* Alexander- Just added to death row - The shelter says I will not be held past 1-23!  (I was luck I got an extension from 1-21. Call Heather to find out all details (my size, all that stuff) to arrange free transport to your door.

Well, the Haven advocates say I am gorgeous with blue eyes and lovely Dutch markings.  Ok, so what, I was a little frightened when I came in -I just thumped.  Gosh!!!! You have no idea what I have been through-nor do they. I am not at all aggressive -I do not bite. I am learning to use the litter box.  So Glad for that thing - Nice to have a bathroom!  
I am a clean boy.  I need to be neutered so Auntie Heather said she would send up a neuter certificate for me is you save my life.  Will you save me please?

I at least think I deserve a chance. I am astonished – and I disapprove of death, especially mine! Common, there has to be someone, some place for me to has a life. I am awesome my advocates said so - Sarah picked me up today and I was just fine. As you can see,  I am a handsome Dutch boy -I came in with  my sibling (we are twins) but they took her away from me  ) ; =   I am grateful at least they do not have her on the list. 

So will you please call Heather for me -any ideas?  Share please. 
 I have such a short time frame -I feel on edge.  I do not know what death is.  But it does not sound good to me.  I heard the rabbits talking about it. Everyone here worries about this.  The people here were Talking then when they left all the others bunnies chimed in…. then I was really freaked out. 
The bunnies here say death is a very bad thing. Basically you leave and never come back. I don’t want that, unless I go to a nice home -that would be ok.  But I am smart.   I know that is not what they meant. This is a place they say just down the hall right here at the shelter. Nobunny lives there. 

Really if you can help me act now because I have until the 23rd that is this coming Wednesday according to the calendar people. Call, 831 600-7479 (that is a phone) or mail on the computer  

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