Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hi I am Alexander –WHAT??? I have only until 1-23 to live!!!!

Alexander- Just added to death row - The shelter says I will not be held past 1-23!  (I was luck I got an extension from 1-21. Call Heather to find out all details (my size, all that stuff) to arrange free transport to your door.

Well, the Haven advocates say I am gorgeous with blue eyes and lovely Dutch markings.  Ok, so what, I was a little frightened when I came in -I just thumped.  Gosh!!!! You have no idea what I have been through-nor do they. I am not at all aggressive -I do not bite. I am learning to use the litter box.  So Glad for that thing - Nice to have a bathroom!  I am a clean boy.  I need to be neutered that's all , so Auntie Heather said she would send up a neuter certificate for me is you save my life.  Will you save me please?

I at least think I deserve a chance. I am astonished – and I disapprove of death, especially mine! Common, there has to be someone, some place for me to has a life. I am awesome my advocates said so - Sarah picked me up today and I was just fine. As you can see,  I am a handsome Dutch boy -I came in with  my sibling (we are twins) but they took her away from me  ) ; =   I am grateful at least they do not have her on the list.

So will you please call Heather for me -any ideas?  Share please.
 I have such a short time frame -I feel on edge.  I do not know what death is.  But it does not sound good to me.  I heard the rabbits talking about it. Everyone here worries about this.  The people here were Talking then when they left all the others bunnies chimed in…. then I was really freaked out.
The bunnies here say death is a very bad thing. Basically you leave and never come back. I don’t want that, unless I go to a nice home -that would be ok.  But I am smart.   I know that is not what they meant. This is a place they say just down the hall right here at the shelter. Nobunny lives there.

Really if you can help me act now because I have until the 23rd that is this coming Wednesday according to the calendar people. Call, 831 600-7479 (that is a phone) or mail on the computer 

Thank you for reading Alexander please.  We just took in mom and four babies plus two adults (we have so many shelters to help)-WE got out three form San Jose too this is why Alexander and Gracie got an extension the poor shelter is so overwhelmed 40 rabbits!!!!! when they should have only 25 MAX  - It is ridiculous how many people are dumping at this small shelter they have thousand of animals every year -

Love Auntie Heather
The Rabbit Haven on  behalf of Alexander -He does not have his own computer.

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  1. I so wish I could help. Sending all good vibes I have from Germany and my fingers are so crossed that sweet Alexander will find a home. I always love to read your blog here and my heart is always reaching out to all the bunnies you rescue. Thank you so much for your fantastic work for the little ones. And Alexander, you'll get a home, I just know it!!!!
    Lots of love from Germany,